How to Root Sony Xperia Z, ZL and Tablet Z

ADB driver installed: Driver


1. Charge your device up to 80%.

2. Backup all your data somewhere else.

3. Increase screen timeout to 10 minute.

4. Enable USB debugging. Setting/developer-options/usb debugging/enable

5. Download rooting toolkit package and save it on C drive on your computer.
   Rooting toolkit: Easy rooting

6. Now exit all software that running on your computer. 

7. Extract the all contents of the package to c:\androidflash

8. Connect phone or tablet to your computer and run "rumme.bat" from the android flash folder.

9. Press enter to start the process, when device is detected the toolkit and it start executing step by step.

10. Now watch command prompt and wait for sentence come up "press the button to restore the data in your phone"

11. Now look your device screen, An app will start, Select RESTORE DATA.

12. If restoring data is complete in command prompt. Open Phone & dial *#*#7378423#*#*

13. Select service tests in your phone operation.

14. Select Display, The toolkit will execute some commands

15. Now press power button to turn off screen wail for few second and press power button again and observing the command prompt for outputs

16. You see transfer files to your phone part2, installing busybox, su, superuser, etc... & finally cleaning up

17. Now your device automatically reboots and it should be rooted now.

Thank you.
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